One of the greatest needs in the construction of a Self-Storage center is compliance with fire regulations, a fact that varies depending on the urban planning regulations of each city.

In “Puertas Metálicas Sanchez” we are specialized in the sale of different fire door systems, both for the Self-Storage sector and for the industry overall.
Passive firewall systems are mainly divided by the type of opening and by the resistance in minutes they offer to fire.

Swing doors

Vertical axis swing doors are manufactured in one or two sheets and the fire resistance that is normally used is EI2-60 C5 or EI-120 C5. These doors are used as a sectorization of small holes and pedestrian use. We manufacture them to measure and in standard measures.

There are multiple accessories depending on the needs. These are panic bars, door closing springs, lock selectors, fire peepholes, stainless steel handles, retaining electromagnets, etc.

Sliding Doors

Sliding fire doors are a system formed by steel panels filled inside with rock wool, with different densities.
They are used to close gaps larger than swing doors and vehicle entrance accesses between different areas.

For its operation, a galvanized steel guide is placed on top. It is accompanied by a counterweight system to execute the shutting in connection with the fire station.

Firewall Curtains

Fire curtains are the ideal construction system for closing large holes. They can be used with irrigation cooling or without water supply in case of fire. Furthermore, it is a good system when there is not enough room on the sides for another kind of door.

They are made of a fiberglass fabric reinforced with steel mesh and a surface coating on one of their faces. It is a roller system with vertical guides. The closure is gravity drop with a lower counterweight.

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